No Limits

No Limits is an OSS scifi wargame that proudly defies convention.

No Limits uses an alternate unit activation turn sequence in which players take turns moving and fighting with units until all units have been activated.

Their marketing team deserves applause for making it easy to envision your own collection with their rules:

In no particular order and in no way covering all possible models, No Limits has been devised using models from the following manufacturers: Spriggan Miniatures, Hasslefree, Alpha Forge Games, Ground Zero Games, Aberrant Games, Heresy, Mongoose, Armorcast, Dark Age, Ral Partha, Iron Wind, Reaper, Fenryll, Urban Mammoth and Games Workshop.

This is exactly what a set of rules ought to be: an engine to use to arbitrate a game. Not a straightjacket to keep you busy playing one game forever with your miniatures collection.

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