WarEngine, an OSS wargame

WarEngine is a brilliant project that has successfully generated a rules engine and a small community of gamers to back it up. They’ve also created a number of settings/rulebooks for several games using the engine.

WarEngine uses common mechanics – squad coherency, command radius, move/shoot/attack, and other often-used concepts. A couple of original points: A model can declare a ‘reserve attack‘ and use it later – cool. It uses an activated unit mechanic instead of a player turn system. There are some other neat bits in there as well – players deploy units on the game board in order of ascending movement score.

The force building rules are really interesting – players agree on both a ‘points of force’ and a ‘points of renown’ total, and both numbers influence how each player builds their force. Too cool.

I can’t wait to playtest these. Eilif on the Dakkadakka forums made me aware of this project. I’m grateful for all the WarEngine team’s dedication, and their work reeks of quality and coolness. The only thing the project didn’t carry out was the complete reinvention of the hobby. I would love to know why WarEngine didn’t spread like wildfire. Is there too much variability? Not enough glossy product definition? Comments below if you please, and kudos again to WarEngine!

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