[Brigandine] Alpha Playtest

There’s no greater joy, or tactic, in game design than watching your friends play your game. I say watching but it’s past seeing, watching, and monitoring altogether – it’s a hypersurvey, where you look for every hole and prod every sentence. It’s an intense process, and it’s the only way to proceed at certain points. As my game design hero Andy Looney says:

The ultimate test of a game’s worth occurs as soon as the game ends: if the players genuinely and unhesitatingly want to play more, you’ve got a winner.

Anyway, I’ll be posting some notes on design for Brigandine: Open source fantasy skirmish wargame, in the next few months. After playtesting by myself, then with one friend, then with many, I think I’m ready to share with all of you this game I made. Pics of the aforementioned playtest below.

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2 Responses to [Brigandine] Alpha Playtest

  1. Fred says:

    Hey what’s the status of this whole thing? I took a couple of days off of work next week to start coding a php website to house an open source extensible community driven miniature wargame system. I was googling around and discovered your game. Just to save time, I think I’ll use it as the base for my game. My goals for the site are that you can create and save units of any type and cost so that, if you do a lot of work to represent a certain kind of unit or army in working out the point costs, no one ever has to do that work again unless they really feel they need to. Also, additional rules modules can be saved and merged with the base rules right on the site, so if you come up with a cool mod for the game, anyone can try it. I think your lighter, streamlined wargame rules will compliment my webapp for an extensible wargame.