Brigandine 1.1

I recently got some time to update Brigandine to v1.1 – skirmish rules with a bite! I adjusted some points values, fixed some major formatting issues, and made a number of rules tweaks.

Check it out: Brigandine Fantasy Skirmish Rules 1.1

The biggest rules change? Airborne units are now less OP. It’s hard to simulate all the possible situations in a rule-light system, but I’m satisfied with the solution, for now at least.

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2 Responses to Brigandine 1.1

  1. Thanks for these rules, I’m excited to try them out.

  2. Hey John,

    I’m Anosina! Me and some other game enthusiasts loved Brigandine so much we made a sci-fi version!

    At least we tried to… The rules ended up longer than six pages. We kept to the same design goals of a flexible rule-system and only ever rolling 1D6, Though!

    We put you in the credits and wanted to let you know. Check it out if you have time!