Blackwater Gulch: Expansion Kickstarter!

The recently highlighted free-as-in-beer Wild West skirmish game, Blackwater Gulch, has  just begun a Kickstarter for their new expansion, Rebels & Reinforcements. As with a lot of miniature figure-based Kickstarters, this one is heavy on the bulk presale and on stretch goals.

We at TTB have been talking a lot about Kickstarters. Make no mistake, we’re still for free-as-in-speech wargames, but we love to see indie companies use Kickstarter to find their audience and become known. It’s a big step for the industry, which for years has been steered by just a couple of monolithic publishers.

So, keep pledging to indie wargames projects! Good luck, Blackwater Gulch!

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One Response to Blackwater Gulch: Expansion Kickstarter!

  1. Thanks for the shout-out and the link, John. BWG is built around grass-roots word-of-mouth post like yours!

    Springbord & Blackwater Gulch