Brigandine v1.1 (Full rules, scenarios, and unit lists)

You can also get a printed copy of Brigandine, cheap, here on

Brigandine is a 28mm skirmish-level fantasy wargame that aims for speed and simplicity. It’s ideal for dusting off your old miniatures and playing a campaign with your friends, even if they’re new to wargames. Brigandine has flexible unit creation rules, so you can use whatever miniatures you like.

This version is published by me, John Senner. You have the right to edit the rulebook and redistribute it however you like – Brigandine is released under the GNU Free Document License, so please, go crazy with your updates and share them around. Some things I’d expecially love to hear about from players:

  1. New Scenarios
  2. Campaigns
  3. New spells
  4. A Sci-fi reimagining 😀